Hello and Welcome to the Diabetes and Ramadan Online Courses!

MyWay Digital Health is delighted to partner with Diabetes and Ramadan International Alliance (DaR) to bring you two courses for managing diabetes during Ramadan. These courses are available in English, Malay and Arabic and you can switch between languages using the flags which are at the top of all pages.

Kursus ini disediakan dalam Bahasa Inggeris, Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Arab. Anda boleh memilih bahasa yang dikehendaki menggunakan ikon bendera di atas.

يسر الشراكة مع مرض السكري وتحالف رمضان الدولي () لتقديم دورتين لإدارة مرض السكري خلال شهر رمضان. هذه الدورات متاحة باللغات الإنجليزية، الملايو و العربية ويمكنك التبديل بين اللغات باستخدام العلامات الموجودة في أعلى جميع الصفحات.

Registration for both courses is open now and the course content will be available from midnight (GMT) on the 19th of February 2024. The courses will remain open throughout Ramadan so that you can come back and revisit the content.


Diabetes and Ramadan: For people living with diabetes

This free short online course is for people diagnosed with type 2 or type 1 diabetes and wish to fast during Ramadan. It may also be useful for carers, family members, or friends. The course will help you to prepare for Ramadan, to make sure you stay healthy and safe and manage your diabetes safely during this time.


Diabetes and Ramadan: For healthcare professionals

This free short online course is designed to help healthcare professionals assess and support people with diabetes during Ramadan. You’ll learn what the health risks are, what makes someone high-risk, and the principles of medication adjustment to help avoid fasting-associated diabetes complications.

Who we are:

MyWay Digital Health

MyWay Digital Health are experts in digital diabetes-self management delivery and have helped tens of thousands of people understand their diabetes to improve their health. We routinely deliver massive open online course in diabetes self-management education to make our structured education available to anyone around the world.

Diabetes & Ramadan International Alliance

The Diabetes and Ramadan Alliance is an umbrella organization of several diabetes associations in several countries and territories. We are dedicated to the interests of diabetes and Ramadan fasting to help people with diabetes to a safer Ramadan. We have set our mission to better understand diabetes and Ramadan fasting at a global level encompassing worldwide initiatives.

Meet the team

Learn with experts at managing diabetes during Ramadan including: 

Dr Mohamed Hassanein
Salma Mehar
Dr Barakatun-Nisak
Dr Debbie Wake
Dr Harni Bharaj

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